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What are common cycling injuries?

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Cycling Accidents Overview

Risks and Types of Cycling Accidents

Cycling has seen a surge in popularity, leading to an increase in cycling accidents. Here are the key risks and types of accidents cyclists encounter:

Visibility Issues

Car drivers often overlook cyclists, especially in scenarios such as:

  • Inside position at traffic lights
  • Lorries and cars turning left
  • Visibility from wing mirrors and side mirrors

Common Injuries

Cycling accidents can result in various injuries, including:

  • Gravel Rash: Skin abrasions due to falls without protective gear
  • Fractures: Commonly from falls over handlebars
  • Head Injuries: Often when cyclists don't wear helmets

Types of Cycling and Associated Risks

Various types of cycling pose specific risks:

  • Mountain Biking: Injuries from falls in wooded areas, including:
    • Broken ribs and pelvic injuries from impacts
    • Collisions with trees at high speeds
  • Speed Cycling: Risks of serious injuries when colliding with stationary objects like trees

Emergency services are increasingly responding to cycling accidents, addressing a growing area of concern.

Understanding these risks can help cyclists and motorists alike improve safety on the roads.