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What are common cycling injuries?

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Cycling, there are more people cycling now than probably ever. And consequently, we are coming across more cycling accidents. Car drivers do not tend to see cyclists very well. Cyclists also put themselves in positions where they cannot be seen very clearly from wing mirrors and side mirrors, especially when they got the inside at traffic lights and lorries and cars turn left and turn across the bike. So we tend to get quite severe RTCs, road traffic collisions, where cyclists were not seen or have been missed by a driver of a car, or the car has turned across in front of the cyclist and the cyclist has gone over the bonnet. So they can be pretty traumatic and are quite common. Minor injuries tend to be gravel rash, where they fall off the bike and slide down the road at speed without wearing the right protective equipment and, consequently, it does some quite severe gravel rash, which can be, again, life-changing. It can be at high risk of infection.

We get one or two fractures from coming off over the handlebars, where they hit the ground with their arms, and we also get head injuries where they have not been wearing cycle helmets and had contact with the road surface. But there is vastly different types of cycling. There are mountain bikes; we get a lot on some of the community routes that go through the woods where they have come off the bike and hit a stump, a tree stump on the ground and broken ribs or they have fallen, literally dropped onto the handlebars and done pelvic injuries and groin injuries, as well as hitting the trees themselves because they can get a fair speed up down some of the hills. And if you hit a tree, a stationary tree, at 15 to 20 miles an hour, it is going to do some serious damage to whatever part of your body hits that tree. So fractured ribs, fractured arms, broken legs, they are not uncommon and are a growing area for the emergency services.