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BleedStopper cycle first aid kit

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Bleed Stopper Kit for Cyclists

Introduction to the Bleed Stopper Kit

When cycling, it's crucial to be prepared for emergencies, including catastrophic bleeds:

  • Essential Equipment: Tourniquets, hemostatic dressings, trauma dressings.
  • Functionality: Designed to handle severe bleeds not manageable by standard first aid kits.
  • Convenient Design: Attaches securely to the bike's crossbar or main upright beam.

Features of the Bleed Stopper Kit

The bleed stopper kit is practical and designed for both individual cyclists and group leaders:

  • Attachment: Hooks onto the bike without interfering with other accessories.
  • Durable Case: Strong, weather-resistant case for protection and easy access.
  • Components: Includes tourniquet, trauma dressings, foil blanket, and gloves.
  • ID Card: Vital for indicating tourniquet application time to emergency services.
  • Additional Utility: Includes a small cycle tool for bike repairs.

Customisation and Additional Storage

The kit allows for personalisation and extra storage:

  • Additional Items: Room to include energy bars, tablets, keys, or a mobile phone.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for emergency preparedness during cycling trips.

Having a bleed stopper kit ensures cyclists are equipped to handle severe injuries effectively, enhancing safety during outdoor activities.