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BleedStopper cycle first aid kit

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If you are cycling and you have to deal with a catastrophic bleed. Now, this could be something like a serious gash to the leg, maybe you come across a car accident amputation, you are going to need to have the equipment to deal with catastrophic bleeds and these would be things like tourniquets, hemostatic dressings, and other trauma dressings for a bleed, which is much more than the average bleed you would get... To have to deal with a standard first aid kit. Now, this bleed stopper kit is a simple kit. It hooks onto the crossbar of the bike, it also secures on the main upright beam of the bike, so you can have that on your bike. It does not interfere with any racks, things with your bike, it just keeps nice and safe. It's a strong case and you can keep it with you at all times. So the kit's ideal for cycle leaders or if you are just going cycling on your own or as parts of a group.

Now the kit itself zip... It just unzips and then inside you have all the components. So in this particular kit, you have got the tourniquet, you have got a foil blanket because obviously, it's important to keep people warm if they have got a lot of blood loss, gloves. And then on this side, you have also got a trauma dressing, which is... Trauma dressings are a much more absorbent dressing for extreme blood loss. You have also got this, which is an ID card, which you can just write the time that the tourniquet was applied. Put this around the person's neck because it is really important that the emergent medical services do know when the tourniquet's been put on and also that there is one. Because if they do not know a tourniquet's been put on, maybe it's been put and covered over with a coat or a blanket, then this could affect the care someone gets. This particular kit also includes a small cycle tool just so that if you need to do any repairs on your bike, but the kit is aimed at first aid, but also emergency, so if you want to put a few other little bits and pieces in the kit, you can do. There's some spare room inside the case, so you can put in there maybe an energy bar or tablets. You can put your keys in there or maybe your mobile phone.